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Lifestyle & Athletic Wearables

Motus has a long history working in sports, wellness, and industrial wearables. Data collection married with insight through data science. We've developed wearable industrial safety devices and pre-market medical equipment. We've worked with numerous Olympic teams to provide them with wearables and instrumented equipment.

Energy Transition
Tools & Technologies

Motus bridges the innovation gap with tools and technologies that focus on assisting the transition of energy production, storage and end use. We help clean tech companies move from the lab to the field. We help ideas become reality by providing design services to projects that need to rapidly scale from early concepts to field prototypes and short run production.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Microbial Fuel Cell

Tersa Earth developed biochemical processes to reclaim valuable metals in acid rock drainage. 

But they needed help scaling it up.



Competitive cycling is highly data-driven. We set out to develop a full system, called Aerocoach, that would coach users into the optimal position.


EV Coil Driver

Exro Technologies wanted a scaled up design/prototype of their revolutionary Coil Switching technology for electric vehicles from 500W to 25kW

…in three months


Luge Force Handles

We can't say that we help all of our clients win Olympic Medals - but for Luge Canada, that is exactly what we did.


Motus Podia

An integrated system of body wearable data-loggers, companion modules, and sensors designed by motus for use in high performance sport analysis.


Instrumented Speed Skates

Speed Skating Canada first approached us in 2016, they needed a tool for measuring and recording real-time force output by long track speed skaters.


Autonomous Marine Navigation

Thrace Marine’s hydrogen-electric vessel focuses on preventing marina accidents by fully automating the parking process.

Screenshot 2024-03-01 151523.png

Fusion Diagnostic Sensor Data System

General Fusion approached Motus to explore a modular, scalable diagnostic sensor data acquisition solution.


Wind Tunnel

While commercial wind tunnels would be cheaper in the short term, using them in the long term would be more costly and would cause issues with testing.

Screen Shot 2022-10-28 at 1.53_edited.jpg

Our partnership with Motus was transformative. They expertly channelled our vision, bringing it to fruition in designing and constructing our demonstration unit. Their collaborative spirit and deep understanding of our objectives ensured our milestones were not only met but exceeded on time. Tersa Earth Innovations stands at the forefront of the drive towards net-zero, delivering essential metals pivotal for electrification. Our patented TersaClean process not only boasts carbon abatement potential but also addresses water security challenges, especially for critical infrastructures like mines. The modularity, continuous operation, and scalability of our units further cement our competitive edge. Collaborating with Motus has been instrumental in amplifying our position as industry pioneers.


Our Clients

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