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Wind Tunnel

From intent to content - test driven development put to the test

We were developing a product that would measure wind speed and direction and we reached the phase where the product would need to be tested.  The product would need repeated testing and benchmarking over a long period of time.


  • Commercial wind tunnels are large, expensive and difficult to book time in

  • We would need to book several wind tunnel sessions if we went through a third party service

  • Wind is difficult to measure outside of a controlled environment

  • We needed to measure the sensor response at a range of angles, which a classic wind tunnel may not support 

A Custom Solution

Holistically and intentionally keeping in mind the project objective, scope, deliverables and budget, led us to a clearly defined project roadmap.

While commercial wind tunnels would be cheaper in the short term, using them in the long term would be more costly and would cause issues with testing/bugfix and design interactions.  So we set out to build our own in-house wind tunnel.

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Build it and They will Come

The wind tunnel allowed for unlimited access to high quality wind test data.  This solution negated large testing timelines and expenses that would come from using 3rd party wind tunnels.  The short feedback loop allowed for the best sensor device design we could have achieved.

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