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What We Do

What We Do

Motus empowers technology businesses with a design team that can hit the ground running, and save the time and overhead of staffing up an internal product development team.  Our team provides multi disciplinary technology solutions and product development services combined with exceptional project management to help your business reach your goals.

Lifestyle & Athletic Wearables

Motus has a long history working in sports, wellness, and industrial wearables. Data collection married with insight through data science. We've developed wearable industrial safety devices and pre-market medical equipment. We've worked with numerous Olympic teams to provide them with wearables and instrumented equipment.

Energy Transition
Tools & Technologies

Motus bridges the innovation gap with tools and technologies that focus on assisting the transition of energy production, storage and end use. We help clean tech companies move from the lab to the field. We help ideas become reality by providing design services to projects that need to rapidly scale from early concepts to field prototypes and short run production.

  • General data science: statistical analysis, physical modelling

  • AI / machine learning: neural networks, computer vision, regression analysis

  • Simulation: thermal analysis, aerodynamics, failure analysis

  • Computational fluid dynamics & finite element analysis

  • Controls and DSP: Kalman filtering, filtering and signal cleaning

How We Do It

How We Do It

Don’t embark on a well-designed wrong solution

Intentional Quality is our unique approach that recognizes that "project needs" and "design needs" are different, have different stakeholders, and must be balanced .  It is a principle that is baked into every sophisticated project management and design scope management tool and system we have developed to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.

Intention is driven by your needs as our client, and what is most important for your business to succeed. It informs and prioritizes what is done and when during a project.

Quality is driven by the needs of the  end user of the technology, and  ensures that the design scope stays on track to deliver the best user experience and highest value.

What to Expect

What to Expect

We ensure a good project outcome by understanding specific needs, solving specific problems, creating & maintaining expectations, and delivering what is expected.

We work diligently with you to fully understand business needs and drivers of your project, any major goals and timeline considerations you have, and to propose a unique project roadmap to best achieve those objectives. The best projects are never “set and forget”.  As we all learn along the way, we will course correct and keep you fully informed of any changes to the plan, why we feel they are needed, and what the value of those changes is to stay aimed at the target.  To this end, expect regularly scheduled project updates, typically every two weeks, to ensure you are always armed with the best information to make the decisions that affect your business.

We ensure we are solving the right problem so we do not waste time on a well designed wrong solution.

We endeavour to fully understand the experience of YOUR customers; the end user(s) of the technology we are developing for you.  The effort spent up front to fully understand the functional requirements of the design, will save you time and money, as the cost of making changes increases exponentially as a project progresses.  We employ a methodology developed by Japanese engineering companies called Quality Function Deployment (that allowed them to leapfrog US companies in the 1980s.)

We meticulously execute.

We utilize the right tools for your project from our suite of sophisticated Project, Design and Configuration Management tools and processes to ensure all details of the project are accounted for.

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