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The Team

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

A vision and purpose to improve the human condition through unlocking new technology.

We believe in the potential of technological innovation to improve lives, where good design is good business. Through technology design solutions that bridge the gap from ideas to new products, motus strives to improve human prosperity, human impact, human performance.

A company commitment to the lives and livelihoods of every individual that is a part of it.

Motus is  centred around building and nurturing a technology solutions team, first and foremost.  We put the lives, jobs, skills, growth and well being of the people on our staff at the forefront of our business decisions.  We grow the company to grow careers, never at the expense of  careers.

A mission to provide businesses with their best technology development roadmap.

Our value as a consultancy lies in our ability to consistently and repeatedly identify and deliver the best solutions and most project value to our clients.   We do this by constantly striving to improve our systems and processes.



Executive Team

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Josh Erickson  B.Eng.
Founder / CEO
VP of Internal Product Development

Josh Erickson has a B.Eng in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Robotics Controls, and Power Electronics and has a strong background leading successful product development teams.  Josh is CEO and Lead Project Manager for Motus Design Group. He is the former Design Lead of the Sport Innovation Group (SPIN), a skunkworks under the Canadian Olympics Committee's Own the Podium program.  SPIN designed and manufactured custom force measurement hardware and software systems for national olympic athletes and coaches.  Josh spent countless hours working directly with users in high pressure training environments sifting through data to tickle out key aspects of usability that result in real world athlete improvement.  Prior to SPIN, Josh worked as a Hardware Designer for Loud Technologies, designing digital sound reinforcement and recording systems for users ranging from bands such as U2 to home studio hobbyists.  Josh is a former national level freestyle skier, a long-time passionate mountain biking and road riding enthusiast, and more recently a competing cat 2 cyclist.

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Geoff Shera  B.Eng.
Founder / COO 
Firmware Systems Architect

Geoff Shera has 21 years of experience developing mixed signal digital electronics and embedded software. He also has a B.Eng in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Controls and Power Electronics.  Geoff is the COO and owning partner of Motus Design Group. He is a former embedded firmware team manager for Loud Audio Canada. While at Loud Audio Canada, he was responsible for the concept, design and implementation of a reconfigurable electronics hardware and embedded software platform that is currently used for 14 professional audio loudspeaker products.  Before he joined Motus in 2016, Geoff worked as a contract developer on sports measurement products, networked load cell instrumentation projects, and pro audio.

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Grant Cool  Ph.d.

Dr. Cool holds a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies, a B.A.Sc in Metallurgy and Material Science Engineering from University of Toronto.  Dr. Cool was a subject matter expert for Lockheed Martin on the development of its LMH-1 Hybrid Airship, and COO of Hybrid Enterprises, a spin-out of Lockheed Martin, created to build the global market for hybrid airships.

From 2000 to 2011, Dr. Cool was the President and Chief Engineer of Kivalliq Marine Exploration.  Numerous projects involved the development and implementation of hydrogen fuel cells.  Dr. Cool has also served on various corporate and association boards related to EV and hydrogen economy endeavours, including CHFCA and CHBC.

Previous work includes extensive experience and success in both marine and aviation products – with it a large network of experts and supporters to help build Thrace Marine.


Michael Webster  B.S.E.E.

Michael Webster earned his BSEE from the University of Texas.   He began his design career developing instruments for full motion flight simulators used by American Airlines and the US Air Force.  Moving to Nashville Tennessee, he worked as a designer and construction project manager of power distribution systems for clients such as Nissan Motors.  An opportunity to work at the top echelon of the pro audio world led to Harrison Systems where he designed leading edge hardware, firmware and software for clients like Sony Motion Pictures.  Seeking broader experience brought Michael to Victoria to aid Mackie Designs in transitioning their “prosumer” products from analog to digital signal processing

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Jeff Doyle has a Degree of Mechanical Engineering from Uvic and is an avid cyclist.  Having competed with the Canadian National Cycling Team in 2011, Jeff understands the demands and conditions of elite level sports.   Jeff has worked with the NRC (National Research Council of Canada) to install and test the internals of SPIROU, a cryogenic near-infrared spectropolarimeter which recently went live at the Canada / France Hawaii Telescope.  He is a key contributor to the cycling aero sensor technology.

Jeff Doyle  B.Eng.

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Kelly has an extensive experience in as president and treasurer of several community clubs and organizations. She has responsibilities at Motus for daily financial and human resources administration activities, and perfrorming the role of executive assistant.

Kelly Shera
Financial Administrator & 
Executive Assistant

Business Development Team

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Edward Sawchyn has a BA in Psychology from the University of Manitoba and pursued a career in
professional sales upon graduation. Edward spent time in several industries over his
career in sales, sales management, and business development. In late 2013, Edward had a novel idea that turned into a patent application and began his relationship the Motus Design team, giving him a unique perspective on client projects.  Edward enjoys playing hockey, baseball, golf running, and cycling.  When not staying in shape Edward enjoys gardening, and spending time with his family.

Edward Sawchyn
Business Development Lead

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Simon Pearson  B.Eng.
Client Advocate,
Business Analyst

Simon Pearson brings over 15 years of experience in embedded systems architecture and firmware design experience for environmental monitoring, pro-audio, pro-lighting, and sports technologies.  He is also a graduate of the University of Victoria with a B.Eng Computer Engineering with Software Option.   Previous and ongoing roles include software developer, firmware architect, lead designer, firmware manager, and project manager.  He is a 2013 BAA Marathon finisher (3:02:38 BQ) and has participated in the Paris-Roubaix Sportive, requiring only 4-hours more than the professionals to complete the distance.

Design Team


Rob Prior  B.A.Sc.
Project Lead,
Mechanical Operations Manager,
Mechanical Systems Architect

Rob Prior is a highly skilled and trained mechanical systems architect with a wide range of product life cycle experience including: conceptual design, design for manufacturing, document control and storage, regulatory certification, vendor qualification, production, marketing, customer support, field service, and both project and team management.  Rob has hands-on machining and fabrication experience with metals, composites, woods, and plastics, design experience with injection-molded, extruded, and folded sheet parts, and rapid prototyping experience with Prusa, Ultimaker, and Z-Corp 3D printers.  In his spare time, Rob experiments at home with 3D printing and electronic circuit design.  He is also an avid swimmer and road cyclist.

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 10.20_edited.png

Andrew Gillan has 18 years of product development experience with a B.A.Sc in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Communications. Andrew has worked in various roles in the energy and renewables space including at Schneider Electric and First Light Technologies. In these roles he was responsible for for leading mixed discipline product development projects from initial conception through development to product launch. At Motus Design Group, Andrew fills the roles of Client Product Lead, Firmware Operation Manager and Lead Firmware/Software Designer.

Andrew Gillan  B.A.Sc
Project Lead,
Firmware Operations Manager
Embedded Software Architect

Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 12.09.39 PM.png

Tristan Nixon has a Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Victoria as well as an Electronic Engineering Technologist Diploma from Camosun College. Tristan has six years of experience in the Medical Device field, designing primarily RF, laser and ablation type devices to comply with ISO 60601 Produce Safety Standards for Medical Devices for both the North American and European Union markets. Outside of work, Tristan has two resin based 3d printers and enjoys creating and printing various personal projects.

Tristan Nixon  B.ENG
Project Lead,

Electronics Hardware Operations Manager

Electronics Hardware Systems Architect

Screen Shot 2022-10-04 at 7.33_edited.png

Joshua Hayes has a B.Eng in Electrical Engineering  from the University of Victoria and Electronics Engineering Technology Diploma from Camosun College. With 26 years of experience, Joshua has worked for several companies and as a freelance designer in the commercial, medical and aerospace markets. His diverse experience provides a deep understanding of high density, rigid flex mixed signal PCB design, bio medical systems including EEG instrumentation, power distribution systems, customer requirements and project management. He is also highly skilled in embedded software development, FPGA and circuit design. Joshua has a blackbelt in Aikikai Aikido and Modern Arnis martial arts.

Joshua Hayes

Electronic Hardware Systems Architect


Zach Hardat  B.Eng.
Project Lead,
Electronics Hardware Designer

Embedded Software & Firmware Developer

Zach Hardat has a B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Victoria. Zach is an avid outdoor enthusiast, who has been a high-level snowboarding instructor for over a decade. Having taught and coached several sports, Zach has an innate understanding of the analysis of sports performance. As an electrical designer, Zach performed theoretical design, proof of concept, and prototyping of an advanced motor drive system for Exro Technologies, and is listed as inventor in Exro's PCT patent filing for his work.


Matthew O'Hagan

Matthew  O’Hagan has completed a diploma as a Mechanical Engineering Technologist and has embarked with Motus on the start of his career.  He comes with a good grasp of SolidWorks modelling and drawing as well as significant experience with technical writing. Matt brings a good understanding of statics, dynamics, FEA, mechanisms, electronics, programming MCUs and PLCs, robotics and automation, control systems, fluid power, heat transfer, machining and CNC, and sheet metal forming.  His background includes semi profession athletics and seven years of progressive responsibility within a dynamic industry culminating in an Operations Supervisor role responsible for over 100 employees. 



Sally Schupbach graduated from the University of Victoria with a bachelors of Electrical Engineering and looks to bring her experiences as a rower and runner to Motus Design Group's sports performance technologies. Her project experience ranges from domestic hydroponics systems to power infrastructure.


Sally Schupbach  B.Eng
Embedded Software & Firmware Developer

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 10.21_edited.jpg

Matt Fournier
Electronics Hardware Designer

Matt Fournier has a Bachelors Degree of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from UBC Vancouver. He brings a wide range of co-op work experience in quatum computing systems, hydrogen power research, and remote industrial power distribution. Other project work he has done include wireless IoT devices and control electronics. Outside of work Matt enjoys spending time on the water and fishing when he can.



Will Viala has a diploma in Electronic and Computer Engineering Technology – Renewable Energy from Camosun College.  Will has had the opportunity to work as part of a small team and develop an end to end Bluetooth 5 solution designed to transmit environmental sensor data. Outside of work he enjoys playing guitar, hiking, 3d printing, and spending time with his family.


Will Viala
Embedded Software & Firmware Developer

Screen Shot 2022-10-04 at 7.33_edited.png

Cheyenne Heenan graduated from the University of Victoria with a B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering. While completing her studies, she was heavily involved with the UVic Rocketry Team, where they launched rockets to 30,000 ft. In industry, she has experience with equipment manufacturing and managing large SolidWorks assemblies. She has a diverse skillset ranging from first principles analysis to hands-on manufacturing. In her spare time she enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons, running, hiking, and making friends with neighborhood cats.

Cheyenne Heenan

Mechanical Designer

Screen Shot 2022-10-04 at 7.33_edited.png

Gregory Perry has a bachelor’s of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Victoria. Gregory started his career developing shock absorbing seats for high speed water vessels where he gained hands-on experience with production procedures, and design for manufacture and assembly. Gregory also developed strong skills in CAD, mechanical design, and rapid prototyping while working at the UVic Centre for Aerospace research on the ORCASat cube satellite project. In his spare time he enjoys playing disc golf, wood carving and game design.

Gregory Perry

Mechanical Designer

Screen Shot 2022-10-04 at 7.33_edited.png

Austin White graduated from Vancouver Island University with a bachelors of Computer Science.  Austin started his journey into firmware development with multiple side projects where he leveraged his coding skills with his passion for 3D printing to build a drone and homemade prototype of BB8.  While he is not at work, he spends his time playing soccer, rock climbing, and listening to music.

Austin White

Embedded Software & Firmware Developer

Screen Shot 2022-10-04 at 7_edited.png

Cameron MacGregor has a BSc (EE) (University of Manitoba), MHSc (University of Toronto), and winner of the Sunnybrook Prize. He has a background in biomedical instrumentation and electronics and is highly experienced in TUV SUD certification standards.  Cameron has an infectiously positive attitude for every project and work effort. This attitude provides good insight into UX/UI design and user experience.

Cameron Macgregor

Embedded Software & Firmware Developer

Screen Shot 2022-10-04 at 7.33_edited.png

Derrick Ushko is a graduate from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering and looks to apply his skills towards health and medical applications. Derrick has clinical and industrial experience with medical imaging and product development. He previously worked at Mercedes-Benz where he designed testing procedures and performed failure analysis on hydrogen fuel cell stacks. His background includes signal processing, machine learning, and mechanical testing. He is a former Vikes Track & XC athlete with a passion for running and cycling.

Derrick Ushko

Machine Learning Physicist

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