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Connected Workwear


Worker health and safety can heavily affect a company's bottom line through injuries, absences, and compensation claims. LifeBooster strives to identify the root causes of worker health and safety risks using wearable sensor modules. The data is uploaded to their Senz cloud applications to form a complete risk analysis of working conditions throughout the day and identify the root causes of stress and injury. 


With the Senz cloud platform and underlying algorithms at the core of their product offering, LifeBooster set out to create their wearable Gateway sensor as a means to produce reliable and detailed risk analysis for their customers.

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Gen 1: Early Prototype and Motus Partnership

The first generation prototype of the Gateway sensor was developed by LifeBooster in-house, starting from an IMU development kit and leveraging Bluetooth and USB for offloading the sensor data stream. At this stage, LifeBooster formed an initial partnership with Motus to get their prototype on its feet.


Gen 2: Bluetooth-Based Hardware Prototype

To push the Gateway beyond the prototyping stage, LifeBooster engaged our hardware team to create a PCB that would integrate the Gateway’s IMU, temperature, pressure, and humidity sensors around a programmable microcontroller on a custom PCB design. Our embedded software team implemented basic time synchronization, on-device storage and uploads over bluetooth that would enable LifeBooster to scale their workplace studies.

Gen 3: Cloud-Integrated Design

Seeking to expand the Gateway’s functional feature set, LifeBooster’s forward-looking technical leadership contracted OneOak Design to produce a new WiFi-based design that would directly integrate with their growing Senz cloud ecosystem. After working with another developer to get the new device up and running, LifeBooster reached out to the Motus design team once again to scale the development effort and refine the Gateway sensor’s embedded software solution.


LifeBooster’s collaborative approach to development has allowed them to level up their product offering while growing their business sustainably.

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