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The founders of Motus Design Group witnessed the failure of many truly great ideas during the product development stage and wanted to do something different to see incredible ideas become reality. 


Motus Design Group was formed as a unique vision of a Product Design company that empowers entrepreneurs and businesses to develop innovative ideas and bring them from concept to production.




The Business Development Lead prospects and generates high quality leads through strategic marketing and sales strategies for ROK Software and Motus Design Group.  


Motus Design  provides custom engineering of embedded devices and electro-mechanical systems, whereas ROK Software provides web software and mobile software solutions.  ROK Software and Motus Design collaborate to provide “full stack” (software + hardware) solutions.  


There is a synergy in the underlying philosophy of both businesses to act as a trusted guide to clients in their product development journeys. Our intention is to grow the collaborative business; to leverage the greater value proposition of being “full solution” providers, able to guide our clients on projects that span hardware and software. 


You will be an advisor to the CEOs of both companies, and a collaborator with the Client Advocate (technical proposals and final sales) for both companies.  You are responsible for meeting project revenue targets through high quality lead generation utilizing a multi-tiered strategy of inbound marketing, outbound marketing, advertising, and outside sales.  You will develop systems and strategies to attract such leads, and to facilitate the technical closing by the Client Advocate.


You will be the ‘FACE’ of both companies for initial business engagements.  You will collaborate with the Client Advocates on processes and messaging that build client trust through clarity and empowerment, and be able to clearly articulate to clients how the structural design and project management systems of both companies facilitates this. 


Responsibilities and Duties

  • Building  and maintaining  a funnel of qualified leads and opportunities

  • Creating and maintaining a strong and consistent inbound marketing strategy for both companies

  • Initiating direct contact with qualified leads

  • Developing channels to attract qualified leads

  • Building a consolidated brand and presence

  • Meeting lead generation and revenue targets

  • Tracking and reporting on progress and success to CEOs

  • Identifying new business opportunities and strategies to improve market position for financial growth

  • Administering and implementing sales marketing systems

  • Maintaining C-suite level relationships with consultancy clients

  • Understanding and articulating both companies’ aims, strategies (Why we do what we do.  Our value propositions)

  • Understanding and articulating both companies’ approach to managing projects

  • Understanding and articulating specific areas of technical expertise of both companies




All of the following are desirable.  However your experience and skillset may be different, yet still very relevant.  You may bring different strengths.  Tell us why you are the right person for this role!



  • Minimum Bachelor's Degree in Commerce, Business Administration, Marketing or equivalent



  • Minimum 5 years experience in B2B Business Development, Marketing 

  • Minimum 5 years experience Prospecting, Sales, Client relationship management

  • Technical background preferred - engineering, software development, or technologist

  • Experience engaging corporate partners, completing business transactions, and negotiating and completing major agreements is desirable.


  • Excellent interpersonal skills - a confident relationship builder and “connector”

  • Excellent communication skills (both verbal and written) and presentation skills

  • Advanced analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills

  • Technical acumen to speak to engineering and software solutions to client project goals

  • Persuasive, with proven negotiation skills

  • Driven to succeed

  • Ability to work a flexible schedule as necessary to support Commercial business networking opportunities in achievement of business goals and objectives

  • Able to quickly develop an understanding of our customers’ business and their needs, and an empathy for their pain points and objectives

  • Able to travel into the US and Canada.


  • Working familiarity with Google Suite, MS Office.

  • Working familiarity with Hubspot or other CRMs.

  • Working familiarity with Website Development Platforms (Wix, Wordpress), Graphic design tools (Adobe Suite: Illustrator, Photoshop, Premier Pro)


The ideal candidate will be located here in Victoria, Canada, or in Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary, Denver, Los Angeles, the Bay Area or other major city.  Connections into those cities would be very helpful.  You will need to be available during Pacific Standard time working hours.  



Email a cover letter, resume and any other documentation requested by the job description in PDF format to unless another address is specified in the body of the job posting.

We'll contact you if we see a fit.


Thank you for taking the time to apply.

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