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When projects require it, motus combines the project management, design, and development expertise of our project team with the specific technical and industry experience of our Strategic Partners.   Motus manages these partnered projects and coordinates the teams for our clients.


Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

Their team provides complete solutions for demanding oilfield, mining, and subsea applications.:

  • High-temperature design/production
  • Purpose built surface equipment

  • Mechanical design and FEA/Simulation

  • Factory Acceptance Testing


Machining and Manufacturing Company

There team have a full CNC division that is ready to take on any project.  

Rainhouse offers the following manufacturing services: 

  • CNC Machining 

  • Quality Assurance 

  • Electronic Manufacturing Services 


Currently, their engineers are working with an international consortium to develop smart cutting tools. 

  • Patent Pending: sensor-based smart tooling for machining process online measurement and monitoring – under review – filed September 08, 2022 

  • Patent Pending: real-time DAS and SDK for machine parameter online measurement and monitoring – under review – filed September 08, 2022 

ROK Software
custom software solutions 

ROK_Logo Package_ROKWhite.png

Their team of very experienced software professionals provides:

  • Enterprise web applications

  • Integrations

  • Data migrations

  • Business process and systems architecture analysis

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