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What you'll notice from the beginning, is that motus does design differently.

We've spent a great deal of time designing a process, defining a manifesto and honing the tools to ensure a good project outcome by understanding specific needs, solving specific problems, creating & maintaining expectations, and delivering what is expected.

When WORKING WITH MOTUS, you'll see that we:

  • take the time to fully understand business needs and drivers of your project

  • outline any major goals and timeline considerations you have

  • propose a unique project roadmap to best achieve those objectives

  • learn along the way, course correct and keep you fully informed of any changes to the plan, why we feel they are needed, and what the value of those changes are to stay aimed at the target

  • ensure we are solving the right problem so we do not waste time on a well designed wrong solution

  • fully understand the experience of YOUR customers; the end user(s) of the technology we are developing for you

  • employ a methodology developed by Japanese engineering companies called Quality Function Deployment

  • meticulously execute, using the right tools from a suite of sophisticated project & configuration management tools & processes

The up front effort to fully understand the functional requirement of the design, saves you time and money, as the cost of making changes increases exponentially as a project progresses.


Wagile (Agile/Waterfall Hybrid)

  • Tries to balance top down planning vs iterative development

  • Successfully combines the shortcomings of both better than it combines the benefits

a smarter development methodology

  • Tries instead to balance "project needs" vs "design needs"

  • Recognizes Projects and Designs have DIFFERENT stakeholders

constant feedback - constant communication - constant adjustment


to ensure the project scope balances adaptability with predictability, and delivers the most value for your business


to ensure the design scope stays on track, avoids feature creep, unnecessary cost and divergence from the original problem

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 1.43.28 PM.png

Intentional project management ensures we always have a set of defined, forward looking goals, clearly communicated to you in the form of a project roadmap

Projects are never “set and forget”.  The plan can change, as long as everyone understands what the changes are and why.  As we all learn along the way, we will course correct and keep you fully informed.

communication flow

Nothing works without good communication.  Our project information flow sets the framework for our engagement, and the people who you can expect to be dealing with.

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 1.49.17 PM.png

The project mission is our north star to ensure the project stays on track, sets out the missions for each role, and ensures we regularly provide you with information to make the best decisions for your business.  To this end, you can expect regularly scheduled project updates, typically every two weeks, to ensure you are always equipped with the most current information to make decisions that affect your business.

project mission:

Foster happy clients through good project outcomes by understanding specific needs, solving specific problems, creating & maintaining expectations, and delivering what is expected.

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