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the fundamentals of the motus IQ


Intentional project management ensures we always have a set of defined, forward looking goals, clearly communicated to you in the form of a project roadmap.  Projects, however, are never “set and forget”.  The plan can change, as long as everyone understands what the changes are and why.  As we all learn along the way, we will course correct and keep you fully informed.

project scope creep is minimized through:

  • a project roadmap informed by client needs and evolving design understanding

  • planned milestones and gates for communication, feedback, and adjustment

  • goal-based design scope management: design, project, and business objectives align

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quality design management ensures we are solving the right problem so we do not waste time and money on a well designed, wrong solution.


design scope creep is minimized through:

  • a top down, objective-driven design approach that always considers the end users of the design

  • quality function deployment and test-driven development ensure that we systematically map and track end user needs and functional requirements through the entire design

design phase management

Better than “build-measure-learn” from agile scrum is a systems engineering process approach that balances top-down with bottom up design.

These 5 phases form the toolkit we draw from to move a design from intent to content based on the unique needs of each project stage and goal.

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realize a detailed design

explore possible solutions & architect a design

build a proto or pilot to test

test, verify, & identify improvement

understand the problem & the end user

design scope management

Quality Function Deployment is systematic process that bakes in the voice of the end user and the functional objectives of the design into every detailed design task as we move the design from INTENT to CONTENT.  This methodology ensures that the goals of the design stay top of mind, avoiding the scope creep typical of agile scrum.

Test Driven Development is a systematic approach that bakes success into the design process by asking the question, what would success look like? From the highest user level down to the most granular detailed aspects of the design, verification and validation gets defined, and success becomes the design benchmark.

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intentional project management and quality design management integrate into an adaptive methodology that saves you time and money. 

It aligns your unique business goals with project stage goals & design goals.  Design scope for each stage stays focused on the minimum viable product to meet the needs of the stage.

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Quality Function Deployment saves money.

Japanese automakers using quality function deployment vs US companies using traditional waterfall planning in the 1980s

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