AEROSMART is a new Motus internal product development project that will unlock the speed potential for cyclists.  Riding harder does not always equate to riding faster.   Overcoming wind drag and gravity accounts for 90% of the power a rider produces.    Aerodynamic drag changes with body position.  At every instant during a ride, in a changing environmental landscape of wind and hills, there is an optimal position that will maximize the speed for a given metabolic effort. 

INTRODUCING THE AEROSMART SYSTEM  - Unlock your speed.  Ride Smarter, not Harder

  • It learns your unique characteristics as a rider, then HELPS YOU LEARN HOW TO BE FASTER by riding in a more optimized position in real time

  • It tracks your average AEROSMART SCORE for each ride so you can track your improvement over time, and compare to your friends.

game plan

MOTUS seeks to partner with an established bicycle industry brand in either an exclusive or non-exclusive intellectual property licensing agreement.   The industry partner may be a bicycle power meter manufacturer, a bicycle gps manufacturer, or an established bicycle brand that is looking for a new tool to optimize and validate aerodynamic design. 

MOTUS offers 4 Utility patents and 1 Design patent, for its innovative AEROSMART technology that combines hardware, software, and a novel user experience. 

for power meter manufacturers

An AEROSMART sensor system paired with exclusive  high frequency 20hz power meter data will offer the user unparalleled fast response data that will unlock the full potential of the AEROSMART sensor system.   Offering this option to power meter customers will help drive new revenues from sales in AEROSMART and create pull-through in additional Power Meter Sales.  The system would be compatible with specified brands of bicycle GPS computers. 

for bicycle gps manufacturers

Bicycle GPS Brands have the opportunity to integrate AEROSMART into their platform and introduce a new AEROSMART page to the screen.   Paired with a proprietary sensor suite and a AEROSMART tuned power meter, the user will obtain the full value proposition of the platform and receive moment-by-moment optimized body position information.  This gives GPS brands a competitive advantage over products that do not offer this feature. 

for bicycle and part designers

The AEROSMART suite can be tuned to settle it's response time in order to analyze changes in CdA resulting from subtle body position movement or equipment changes.   The value for a designer is to have a tool that offers real world outdoor analysis of aerodynamic performance  of design that would be complimentary to wind tunnel testing.  In certain cases, the technology would serve as an alternative to wind tunnel testing, thus reducing R&D validation costs.